Robot Vision

AI driven Collaborative Optobots (COBS)

A joint project with ERKBA, Turkiye and supported by Enterprise Singapore

Industry 4.0 requires the use of industrial robots. Although this provides faster and reliable production, it is not possible to use robots alone in every field of the industry. Thus, the need for collaborative robots or Cobots. Furthermore, these Cobots need 3D tracking to be aware of the surrounding and also soft hands (grips) to handle precision parts in the automotive or optics or food industries. Thus this project aims to develop a universal Collaborative Optobot with Soft Hands (COBS) for production/assembly lines of these precision industries.

COBS will further differentiate itself from its competitors with Artificial Intelligence driven 3D imaging and processing technologies. COBS will scan the surrounding scene with depth perception, provide Simultaneous Location and Mapping (SLAM) capability and AI based classification and tracking of objects. COBS will have high technology with innovative solutions such as trajectory planning, adaptive task learning, shortest path extraction, area mapping.